Why Should You Consider a Three-Stone Ring for an Engagement Proposal?

There are plenty of new styles that have landed recently in the engagement ring section, but few have been able to rival the popularity of three-stone rings. Standing tall among fresh and classic styles of rings, the three-stone rings is a timeless design invention of this era. It is aesthetically appealing, versatile in terms of style and deeply meaningful. These are the three reasons why it is one of the top few styles of engagement rings of this century. Let’s go a little deeper on this subject.

Why Should You Consider a Three-Stone Ring for an Engagement Proposal?

The Symbol of Love
The three-stone ring holds more weight as a choice of engagement ring than others for the key reason that it is a symbolic representation of love itself. Have you wondered why it has just three stones, not more, nor fewer than 3? It’s because the three stones form a trinity, each representing a time- the past, the present and the future. As an engagement ring, a three-stone ring is a physical representation of the timelessness of your love and commitment. It stands to represent eternity through the three phases of time. That’s the first reason why the three-stone style has an advantage as an engagement ring.

Carat Flexibility
The three-stone style is carat flexible, which means it can support a variety of carat weight. You can choose three stones of the same size or two different sizes depending on your liking. The three-stone style is compatible with diamonds both boastfully big and really small. Regardless of the sizes you pick, the three-stone style makes it all come together in an aesthetically appealing feature.

Other Pros
Aside from symbol and carat compatibility, a three-stone ring has many other positive qualities which makes it an excellent choice of engagement ring. Firstly, the setting maximizes the brilliance and sparkle of the diamonds which is an attribute that can be ascribed to a handful of settings. A three-stone setting has space for three really chunky stones, if you are willing to be extravagant in your choice. The three-stone setting also naturally enhances the appearance of the center gem, and irrespective of your pick, it makes it a fitting pair to the side stones. The three-stone is also a great setting as far as personalization is concerned. You can decorate the ring with gems of your choice with this setting.

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