Why Are Diamonds Still on Top

Even amidst the rise of colored gems, diamonds are still on top. Diamonds that have been at the apex since the introduction of gemstones in jewelry have managed to hold their place through changing times and trends. The rise and fall of new styles and fashions have hardly had any impact on the popularity of these white sparkling stones. In the light of its undying popularity, minds often pondered on the reasons behind this phenomenon. So, to clear the clutter of confusion, here are some facts in support of these glittering beauties. Let’s take a look at them.

The first reason why diamonds are still adored is their antiquity. Diamond is a very old gem, probably older than most gems that we know of. That’s what makes it such an exotic treasure. To top that, diamonds are rarer than many gemstones. Together with its antiquity and rarity, diamonds still continue to be under the spotlight even when other gems are emerging to claim the trend.

As much as colored gems are interesting, they do not equal the beauty of diamonds. White diamonds practically feature no color. They seem white, but are, in truth, clear and achromatic. However, it is their rainbow effect and brilliance that gives these stones a status much higher than that of other colored gems. Diamonds, for all its colorlessness still possess a beauty so strong and unsurpassable that it is hard to ignore.

Diamonds are still pretty hard, and compared to most gems, they are very durable. That is not to say that diamonds do not scratch, crack or even perish. However, in the long run, they are far more enduring than all other gems. In fact, that is the foremost reason why diamonds make a strong choice for engagement rings. They survive everyday exposure to sweat, pollutants and damages better than any other gemstone.

A diamond is evaluated by its 4C scores. While some score high on all the 4Cs, others not so much. However, even an average is pretty good for a diamond. A decent diamond is one that has medium scores of 4C and that promises a pretty good value to the stone.

Cultural Weight
Diamonds have a bunch of cultural associations that weigh in to lend the stone greater significance as an engagement ring gem. From royalty to Hollywood, everybody endorses diamonds and that makes it the universal symbol of wealth, success and power.

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