White Gold Engagement Rings: Sensational and Exquisite


Selecting an engagement ring is never, ever an easy task. You will persistently search and without a doubt, frequently falter in deciding on ‘the’ perfect ring for that perfect moment. As far as traditional and predictable choices go, a diamond solitaire with a golden band makes for classic and safest choice for engagement rings. But, predilections towards things exceptional yet refined and attractive calls for something better than average. White gold engagement rings with diamonds certainly fit the bill when the occasion calls for breathtakingly beautiful moments.

White gold is a chemical magic that combines the yellow glow of standard gold with any white metal like palladium to create a white alloy. White gold like its golden counterpart is also measured in the units of carats. 18 carat white gold is the finest choice when it comes to creating impressive and superior quality diamond engagement rings as the lower version of 14 carat is not sturdy enough to cling to the precious stones. The ultimate luminous dazzle of the metal band comes from the glossy veneer of rhodium. Though the plating may get affected by years of usage, you can simply get the re-plating done from your jeweler.

The price of white gold engagement rings are determined by the carat weight and purity of the band as well as the gemstones used in it. Other important decision makers are the cut, clarity, color, and shape of the stone. White gold engagement rings come in a wide array of designs – ranging from the traditional round shaped brilliant cut diamonds to princess cut square diamond in translucent hue or any conceivable color – the selection is extensive and awesome.

White gold engagement rings with round brilliant diamond solitaires have hogged the popularity charts for ages. This trend is followed closely by the princess cut dazzlers that have captured the attention of consumers with its matchless sheen and natural sparkle. Diamonds are available in numerous shapes and colors. A splendidly stunning and precious blue diamond or even precious gemstone like emerald is best complemented by a white gold band. The subtle fair classiness and minimalism of white gold flatters the deeper tints of azure and green.
White gold engagement rings are precious and stunning in their appearance and evoke a sense of remarkable brilliance and sensuality. This is the perfect ring to compliment an equally extraordinary individual.

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