What a Bridesmaid Should Wear for Jewelry

There is no shortage of jewelry tutorials for brides on the Internet, but not so many for the bridesmaid. So, to correct that, here is a comprehensive guide for all your bridesmaids out there. Your jewelry dilemma ends here. No need to stress out over what works best with the frilly frock or what compliments the champagne gown best, for here is an inclusive tutorial of how to approach accessorizing any kind of bridesmaid dress. Keep reading to learn how you can pair any bridesmaid outfit with jewelry that liven up the attire.

What a Bridesmaid Should Wear for Jewelry

For Satin Dresses with or without Net Overlays
Satin is a mainstay in all bridesmaids’ dresses. Some are cut out and out in satin, silk and such shiny materials while others feature overlays of laces and net. For these dresses, jewelry options are not very many, but are pretty straightforward. Pearls is the best choice you have. A pair of pearl studs and a delicate pearl necklace accords fully with the sheen and sheer of these dresses. A short pearl necklace and a satin dress are simply made to be together. So, go right on and get a set of pearls and you will be one mean dresser walking in.

Warm Colors
Here is where you need to do a few tryouts. Warm colored bridesmaids’ dresses are quite in fashion these days. Girls look really pretty in colors like tomato, vermillion, scarlet, russet, turquoise, crimson and such. But matching baubles with these dresses is quite a brainwork. But worry not for all you need to do is to produce a contrasting effect. Anything that emboldens the colors can work for these dresses. Focus on colored gem necklaces. Depending on the neckline, pick between cascade and Rivera necklaces because they create a fuller look.

For Form-Fitting Dresses and Neutral Shades
For body-hugging fabrics that cling to the skin no matter the tailoring, you need something sparkling, and that’s where diamonds come into play. Petite diamond pendants and delicate drop earrings work wonders for these dresses. Diamonds not only add a glint of sparkle to the neutral shades and contouring outfits, they also elevate the delicateness of the outfit with its own luster. You may or may not have other kinds of jewelry in your collection, but you surely have a diamond pendant or studs, which means you can duck the extra expense.

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