Wedding Band Styles for Him

A common misconception that goes around the buyers’ head is that the collection of men’s wedding rings is scantier than women’s. This, regardless of the seller, is not entirely true. Yes, women’s jewelry are infinite, but men’s range of wedding bands and rings are not so bad itself. In fact, you will be sweetly surprised by the plurality of options in men’s wedding bands. To verify that, here are some wedding band styles for men that you might not have known were some of the options.

Wedding Band Styles for Him

Coarse Finish Wave Embossed Band
A style in men’s wedding band that has taken the market by storm from the moment it has landed in the shelves is the coarse finish pattern emboss. The rings that fit this description have a coarse finish, but that’s not the only highlight. The coarse outer facet of the ring is cut to curve a pattern, in this case a wave around the band. The rough feely surface of the ring next to the clean cut embossing lends the aesthetics a charming quality.

Matt Flat Band
A rather simple, but very elegant style is the flat matt band. These rings feature an otherwise unassuming flat even band, which when given a matt surface rises to an extraordinary level of aesthetic brilliance. This style is a favorite pick of buyers who like it minimal, but are not ready to settle for something ordinary.

Two-Toned In-Out Wedding Band
Mixed metal bands took a spin when jewelers rolled out wedding bands with a tone on the outside which is different from that on the inside. Yes, these mixed-metal rings have two different tones inside and outside. Usually made by clubbing together two separate metal rings, these bands are a unique specimen of nontraditional styles that are at once brilliant, but strictly departed from all its predecessor models.

Wedding Band Styles for Him

Channel Set Blue Sapphire Wedding Band
If you like gems, but not that into diamonds, then blue sapphire wedding bands are definitely worth a look. Blue is by rule a common favorite of men, or at least most men. These bands do not drift from the classic concept of a band. However, the only way it departs from a classic band is the inclusion of multiple gems that are channel set vertically at the front to create a chink in the seamless circle of the band beset with blue gems.

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