Vital Questions to Ask before Completing the Purchase of Your Engagement Ring

As a buyer, you have the right to ask your seller a number of questions till you are satisfied. In fact, asking questions should very much be a part of the transaction, especially when you are buying something as expensive as an engagement ring. While it’s best to go prepared, we suggest that you make your own set of questions which you want to get answered by the salesperson before you go forward with the purchase. Whatever questions are there on your list, make sure you add the ones mentioned below to make the purchase a full-on success.

Vital Questions to Ask before Completing the Purchase of Your Engagement Ring

Ask to See the Certificate of Authenticity
Among the first things to ask is the diamond certificate. Do not buy diamonds from a jeweler who sells it without a certificate. Only GIA certified diamonds have the highest resell value and are accepted throughout the country and outside. So, ideally, the diamond you buy should be GIA tested. GIA or otherwise, every diamond comes with a certificate that establishes the specific quality of the stone. So, ask for it at the time of purchase if the seller does not offer it voluntarily.

Enquire about Fluorescence in Your Diamond
Diamond fluorescence is a rather complex subject. While some call it a flaw, others advise buyers to overlook it for the sake of a significant price reduction. Factually, fluorescence is the blue haze in the stone that reveals itself under UV light. Too much of it can compromise the aesthetics of a stone leaving a perpetual blue halo around the stone visible through naked eyes. Very little of it however makes no difference as it escapes the eyes. When buying a diamond, enquire about the fluorescence of the stone because it is one parameter that does not appear on the certificate. Pick anything that is between slight and nil.

Check about the Return Policy
Lastly, do not forget to ask about the sellers’ return policy. This applies for both online and land-based stores. Knowing about a seller’s return policy helps a buyer understand how to cut his losses best should an occasion to return it arises. While you are at it, also ask about their exchange policies. If you have to get it exchanged for some reason, you should have the privilege of doing it for a full price adjustment for at least a particular period.

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