Vintage or Modern- What Would She Like?

Thinking of getting the lovely lady jewelry? The first information that is crucial to the exercise of picking one is what’s her style. That brings us to the basic question, does she like vintage or is she a modern girl with modern tastes. Finding the answer to this question does not have to involve ruining the surprise or doing something as creepy as sneaking into her jewelry box when she is in the shower. There are a few questions that hold the key to this answer. Let’s take a quick look at them to settle the case of your partner’s aesthetic taste.

Purpose of the Gift
You need no help to answer this question. Why are you getting her this gift? Is it for an occasion or just because you wish to gift her something. If it’s later, what do you want the jewelry to mean? Is it to mark your commitment in marriage or a kind of pre-engagement stating that you are not quite ready to tie the knot yet, but you wish for the two of you to be together forever? Is it an expression of friendship or some promise you want to make to your partner? Finding the answer to this question will set you on the right track.

The Kinds of Jewelry She Normally Wears
Now, the next question will require you to be observant if you haven’t been already. What kind of jewelry does your partner normally wear? If you don’t know yet, notice if she wears bold and heavy items or delicate and subtle ones. Does her jewelry have a lot of designs and details or are they more on the simple and plain side. Anybody with an eye for elaborate jewelry will prefer vintage inspired pieces or at least those that have a vintage flair. If she likes to keep it light and easy, then she is definitely into contemporary jewelry that have clear cut lines and light details.

Your Budget
Lastly, ask yourself, what kind of money are you ready to spend on this gift. However, being heavy on cash doesn’t really mean you should go for an expensive looking vintage piece. Her taste might be entirely the opposite of that. For expensive pieces, pick contemporary solitaires or chunky vintage pieces. As for those with a tight budget, the options are aplenty in the contemporary section although you might be in for a stretch in the vintage section.

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