Up Close with Solitaire Rings

A solitaire ring is an engagement ring at its best. Dainty, delicate and romantic, solitaire rings have an uncanny flair for storytelling. Every solitaire, no matter how simple is different from the next, and each, has a story of its own. If solitaire rings had you fallen in love at first look, then you might be interested to get to know them better. There is plenty to learn in the technical part of a solitaire ring. Here is a quick look at the technical components of a solitaire ring. Take a chance to look beyond the uncomplicated and simplistic built of a solitaire ring.

Up Close with Solitaire Rings

Three styles of bands are used in solitaire rings. A close look will confirm this. The comfort fit is the most common type of band used in most solitaires. This traditional band is gently rounded and has a polished surface. It has an enduring style that also offers full comfort to the wearer. The court band with its polished body makes a perfect pair with diamonds in any kind of setting. Its universal compatibility makes it one of most preferred style of band for solitaires.

The flat band is another kind commonly seen in solitaires. It has rounded edges with a flat outer and inner profile. Flat bands do not have a rounded look, but have a comfort fit and is sleek in built.

The D band is the third kind which has a visibly bulging outer profile and a flat inner side.

Only a few specific settings are used for solitaires. They are designed to secure the stones well and highlight them well.
Peg heads is the most common kind of setting you will see in a solitaire. It uses prongs to hold the stone in place. It is a high-profile setting and works great for yellow and rose gold rings.

The cathedral setting is another popular solitaire ring setting that offers a gentle elevation and prong holding. The cathedral setting makes the shoulders of a band rise gently to create an upward slope.

Trellis is the more ornate setting which looks like a lattice. A really simple and clean setting is basket that braces the stone by its angles and holds it up with its straight sides.

Bezel too is a popular solitaire ring setting which is loved for its durability, simplicity and style.

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