Top Trends in Engagement Ring for 2018

With the galleries and catalogues overflowing in response to the steeply rising demand among buyers, we by now have a fair idea of what’s in trend this year and what has taken a backseat. So, here is a little summary of what’s hot in engagement rings this year. If you are in the process of trying engagement rings with your fiancé, then take a brief pause to read through this article for some enlightening information that can make your purchase positively successful. This article is also a guide for anybody presently hunting for engagement rings.

Open Bands
Although not the most popular design, open bands are high on the trend list this year. They are sparkly, striking and designed for the women who embrace their difference without any feeling of discomfort. An open ring is a design in which the band splits into two thus opening up around the center to assume a winged shape on the sides between meeting at the head and back. This design is very modern and comfortable to wear. It has plenty of room to let air pass through its twists and turns making it one of the most comfortable band styles at this moment.

Colored Gems
Another design that is fast gaining grounds is the colored gem ring. This is new in the engagement ring gallery where white diamonds prevail. Although color have started to seep in some form of fashion since the last year, this trend is still very new and refreshing. If your girl likes a little color in her gems, then here is what to pick for her.

Fancy Cuts
Shifting away from the classic and traditional cuts, engagement rings have taken a liking for fancy-shaped stones. This year, already a bunch of fancy cut stones have been sighted on engagement rings. Buyers are responding to them positively and that has encouraged jewelers to include them in more designs.

East-West Setting
Another design which is originally vintage inspired, but is arguably novel is the East-West setting. In this design, the gems sit on their sides instead of erect and what gives it a stretch across the finger. Quite unforgettable, this design is going to be very fashionable in the coming years.

Three Stone Face
The three-stone rings are still around and quite high in trends. So, that’s something from the last year.

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