Tips For Cleaning Your Diamond Jewelry


Congrats on your dazzling engagement ring! However, you must be cautious enough to keep the sparkle intact once the novelty has worn off. A dirty diamond ring with blemishes and grime will certainly not add to your glamour. It is imperative to clean your diamond jewelry regularly and in the best possible way. Check out the tips below and let your diamonds bedazzle all and sundry. All the Best!
Slip off your ring and examine it thoroughly under light first. This will help you to understand why your engagement ring has lost its luster.

Forget all the old wives’ tales on cleaning on jewelry at home though. It is best to take a profession’s advice especially one who has been associated with the diamond industry notably the GIA and knows diamonds inside out. No, you do not have to go and visit his office. You can simply try the cleaning procedures as explained at home.

Do you lead an active life outdoors or are interested in cooking? Your ring is sure to be encrusted with oil, grime, and dirt then. Do purchase a few professional products for cleaning and then follow the instructions to get rid of the muck well and truly.
Finding your beautiful diamond covered with remnants of cosmetics i.e. hair spray, lotions, face powder etc is sure to make you unhappy. Fret not for here is a quick solution. All you need to do is to keep your diamond ring soaked in a homemade solution of warm soapy water. Just doing it for 20 to 40 minutes will soften up the dirt. Yes, Elizabeth Taylor had used gin with soap but it might not work for you as it is hearsay.

Take a toothbrush (a soft and new one is the best) and clean away the dirt and grime carefully. Remember not to brush too vigorously and end up prising the stone out of its setting. That is unpardonable!
Hold it under running water once you find the dirt loose on the surface. It gets washed away leaving your diamond jewelry looking as good as new. Do keep repeating the procedure, if you cannot get rid of the filth at one go. However, only once would be sufficient unless you have been wearing the ring for years without cleaning it at all.

Dry it with the aid of lint free cloth that has not touched a dirty surface before. Bleaches and cleansers with chlorine need to be avoided altogether. Ultrasonic cleaners are also a strict no-no when you are trying to clean your priceless diamond engagement ring.

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