Three Things Every Marriage Proposal Must Have

Asking the hand of a woman you wish to spend the rest of your life with is a very special moment. What makes it more special is how you pop the big question for it becomes the story that both of you will recount to families and strangers more times than you’d care to remember. So, to get things straight, let’s start at the basics. There are three things that a wedding proposal should never miss. You may be the best man a woman can ask for, but your chances are dwindling if you do not work on your proposal and if the effort find expression in the act. So, here are three things that every successful marriage proposal must have.

The Element of Surprise
There are plenty of things starting from the size of her ring to what’s on her mind that can get in the way of maintaining absolute secrecy. Even if you manage to get around these road blocks, your excitement or edginess may give away some clues, and trust me, women are far too good at getting clues than you may want to think. So, it is important that it remains a secret mission and that it catches her by complete surprise. However, to make that work, do not get down on your knee in an unlikely place. Learn the fine blurry line between surprise and shock and try not to tread over.

A Diamond Sparkler
Do not forget your sparkler. It may sound funny but I’ve heard of stories where the man has remembered to run over his lines and shine his boots, but forgot to take his ring along. Supposing that the ring is the first thing you remember, do not miss out on the rest though. As for the ring, prefer diamond over any other gemstone. That’s a recommendation for two reasons, diamonds have an intrinsic link with romance and matrimony and second, it’s something every girl loves.

The Word Power
Lastly, to refresh the part of your lines, make sure you bring out your best in your lines. There is no shortcut to writing two things, your wedding vows and your proposal. For everything else, there is a template, even fore apologies, but you have little option than to get creative for these two projects.

Keep it simple and neat, honest and sincere. The words will fall in place.

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