Things You Don’t Want to Do With Your Precious Jewelry

There are some mistakes we often make unknowingly to diminish the shine and worth of our jewelry. Today, in this article, we will cover the most egregious ones of them that can not only take out a good few years from the life of your jewelry but also set you off for a poor purchase. Watch out for them, the next time you handle one of your precious wares or are heading to buy one from a store.

Turn a Deaf Ear to the Salesperson at the Counter
It is the job of a salesperson at a jewelry showroom to help customers make the best buy. But sometimes, people like to own their decision, and in that, they do not like the advice, nor influence of another. Another reason why people do not pay much attention or importance to the recommendations of a salesperson is because they are thought to have their own interest in the sales. That is not entirely true. Make the pick by your judgement and choice, but do heed the advice of the salesperson in doing so. They sometimes have invaluable additions to make.

Not Cleaning Your Ornaments at Home
Some users like to send their jewelry for cleaning at the store. While that’s a great idea for once in 3 years, depending upon the frequency of use, it is not the best when it gets to monthly or yearly basis. Jewelers often employ abrasive techniques that can weaken the settings or cause the pieces to lose some weight. DIY cleaning at home is simpler and effective for the short haul. And yes, it’s free.

Using Quack DIY Clean and Care Techniques
While cleaning your jewelry at home is recommendable, that is only when you are doing it the right way. The ideal way to do it is not use toothpaste or any corrosive chemical, particularly when the pieces have soft stones like opal, pearl and emerald. Use a mild detergent or shampoo and dissolve it in warm water to concoct a gentle solution. Use a baby brush to scrape out dirt hidden in the inner contours of the ornaments.

Continuously Exposing the Wearables to Water
Do not wear your jewelry in water. For rings, you cannot possibly avoid exposure to water. But for other pieces, try taking them off before stepping into the swimming pool or shower cubicle. Hard water, chlorine, bleach, soap scum, etc. are corrosive to soft metals like gold and platinum.

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