Things You Didn’t Know about Jewelry

You may be one of the most cogent customers a store may ever receive, but there are still things about jewelry that may be new to you. That is not because you may have missed a few facts here and there, but because some information is kept from plain sight. There are not too many websites that talk about these dirty details that may ruin the malpractices of unprincipled sellers. So, before you head out with a bag full of your hard-earned money to buy a piece of jewelry for yourself or someone you adore, lend your ears to these devious tricks of the trade.

Fractured Diamonds: If you feel that your investment is secure because you bought a diamond that came with a certificate, think again. There is an enormous number of jewelers who in recent times, have indulged in the dealings of fracture filled diamonds. Now as it is, inclusions and flaws in diamonds are hardly visible to untrained eyes. The fractures too are well masked by jewelers with a little loop or a filigree in the jewelry. So, if your sellers offers to cut you a great deal on a particular section of diamonds, know that he could be trying to pass you fractured diamonds for a squeezed price.

Inflexible Return Policy: Never buy diamonds, particularly, online, if the seller is not very gracious to return requests. The best dealers are open to receive returns of purchases after procedural examination. Since online trading of precious ornaments is still very new, sellers adopt an extra measure to make sure that they are not hoaxed. However, if a seller is rigid in their buying back policies, then there is something not very right.

Clarity Enhanced Diamonds: If you are particularly interested in the super-shiny rocks in the clarity-enhanced section, then you are not really looking at the best pieces. Diamonds that are full of fractures and inner cracks are polished and sparkled to make them look as good as the pristine pieces. Those are the stones that are placed under the category of “clarity enhanced”. Unless of course you are too hard pressed, try not to go finishing in that water.

Sterling Silver Alloyed with Gold Accent: Do you know what is the latest trend among some jewelers at this point? It is a mix of sterling silver and gold accent. Because gold is too expensive, sellers are blending the two to develop fully polished silver ornaments.

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