The Thing That’s Stealing the Shine from Your Diamonds

An engagement ring looks as bright as the star the day it is presented to you. And no, it’s not the stars in your eyes that amplifies the shine and luster of the ring. It really was that pretty on its first day. But with time, it starts to look less gorgeous. If you thought it’s your eyes that got used to seeing it shine on your slender finger, then that is not the entire picture. There is something that is slowly shadowing the shimmer of your diamond, something that you can’t see but is steadily at work trying to rob it off its glamour.

So what is that divisive little thing that is playing down the shine of your diamond outside your notice? It’s the oil from your fingertips. No, scientifically, the skin of your palm doesn’t have oil glands. But, they get the oil anyway, from your skin, every time you touch your face or run your fingers through your hair. Do you remember how many times you feel your engagement ring a day? Not to make sure that it is there, but just because, every time you feel anxious, nervous or thinking fondly of the man in your life.
Every time, microscopic beads of oil from the finger tips get transferred on the ring on contact. The oil spreads over the facets of the diamond, enveloping it with a thin film of grease. The oil that leaves your face or hair and reaches the ring contains contaminants that further add to the dimming effect. With time, the diamond sides fail to catch and reflect light as crisply as it did before. And after some time, the diamond looks less shiny to you.

However, that’s not the only reason why diamonds lose their fire with time. Scratches and bumps are other two potent reasons that hold hands with the first cause. They scathe the pristine surface of the stone corroding it secretly. The loss of mass may however not be as perceivable as you may think, but it will eventually take its toll.
The only way to prevent this is to give your sparkler a wash every now and then. As for the accidents that cause scratches and nicks, you have to be more careful in handling the ring. Try not to touch it as often during the day. These three exercises will help your diamond hold its shine for long.

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