The Legendary Heart-Cut Diamond

Heart is the universal symbol of love, the ultimate mark of romance. If you are a romantic at heart, then you will easily gravitate towards a heart shape diamond over all other cuts. The heart shape is surprisingly symmetrical, very shapely and arguably the most attractive of all fancy cuts. Aside having a beautiful shape, a heart cut diamond is a direct expression of love and commitment which makes it an easy first pick for engagement rings, anniversary rings and Valentine’s Day jewelry. There are many details about the heart shaped diamond that is worth exploring before you decide to go for it. This article touches base on some of those vital nuances.

The Legendary Heart-Cut Diamond

Size Advisement
The heart is a beautiful shape and in diamonds, it is swoon-worthy. Only bigger stones do justice to the heart shape that requires a bit of mass to attain observable prominence. So, jewelers recommend stones above the size of 0.5 carat as the starting size for the heart-cut. Anything below 0.5 carat is too small for the shape to assert its beauty even minimally. The ideal size of a heart cut diamond in an engagement ring is 2 carats in a bezel setting. Heart shaped diamond solitaires are both minimal and delicate, a combination loved for all. While bezel is the ideal setting to showcase the beauty of the stone, a custom halo further elevates the beauty. But if you are picking a heart-cut diamond, go skimpy on other designs for they only obscure the shape and beauty of the cut.

The heart cut has many merits, the first of which is a shape that is aesthetically overwhelming. The shape being unique, it easily catches attention. The heart shape in diamonds is both romantic and sentimental. It is adored by women, irrespective of their taste in jewelry. Aside from diamond, the heart cut also looks superb in pink sapphires.

Things to Remember
On the other hand, the heart is quite a challenging cut to buy. The shape is easy to go wrong, and at the hands of an inexperienced cutter, it can lose both its sharpness and symmetry. Ideally, the best quality cuts feature a pair of symmetrical wings that are neither too flat, nor too fat. The ideal length to width ratio of a heart cut diamond is 0.9:1 and 1.1. Please be aware that misshapen heart cuts are common too. So, inspect your stone well before buying it.

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