The Ideal Gemstone Cut

Gemstone cuts have different grading that range from excellent to poor. But every once in a while, we hear about something called an Ideal Cut. Checking the grading scale only adds to the confusion for there is no ideal category in it. What then is an ideal cut? Is it a recognized category of cut, misnomer to something less ideal or just a non-standard category that is doing the rounds lately? Let’s find out what an ideal gemstone cut is, and why it is so coveted among the buyers.

Unveiling the Ideal Cut
A cut has many characteristics, and for each cut, the features differ. The ideal cut is what we understand as the optimal cut for a gemstone. To understand this, you have to get familiar with the varying outcome of different cuts. A round brilliant makes a diamond maximally sparkling whereas a cushion cut makes the same stone bigger, but not shinier. Each cut has its own advantage, but the outcome always varies. An ideal cut is one that maximizes the aesthetics of a stone without divorcing from the defining traits of a great cut. When looked at from another angle, an ideal cut is different for each gemstone.

Ideal Cuts for Different Gemstones
To expand on the last line at some length, here are the ideal cuts for different gemstones.

  • For diamonds, it’s always a round-cut. Why? Because it optimally enhances the fire and scintillation of a diamond through its many-faceted geometry. So, it’s both classic and optimally brilliant.
  • An oval cut is the ideal cut for emeralds and sapphires. To think of it, neither emeralds, nor sapphires are particularly brilliant. But an oval cut does its best to give the stones a distinct shape with very feminine curves which makes the stones look better than all other cuts.
  • A square or princess cut is another ideal cut for diamonds. Its clean lines and deep faceting unbridles the fire and brilliance of diamonds making it look many times more brilliant than most other cuts. The princess cut, like round cut too is a brilliant cut.
  • The cushion cut is best for most big carat colored gemstones. One gemstone in which it enhances most aesthetically is Aquamarine. Cushion cut otherwise known as the rounded pillow cut has large facets which bring out a deep sparkle that is hard to miss.

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