The Difference Between Certified and Uncertified Diamond Earrings

You must have noticed celebrities strolling around Red Carpet events, pausing to answer questions, flash smiles at eager fans and posing to better display their finery. Their most apparel is always their earrings, studded with the rarest, most beautifully cut diamonds available. Many stars are careful to only buy diamonds certified by the most reputable labs in the industry.

Why would celebrities prefer certified diamond jewelry? Reasons include:

1. Professional Grading by Recognized Establishments: Celebrities don’t just by diamonds, but take the time to ensure that they are getting the quality they’re paying for. Assessments and grades assigned to each diamond must be done by a top gemological laboratory. In this regard, anything less than the Gemological Institute of America and European Gemological Laboratory wouldn’t meet their standard. Only when a diamond has been duly analyzed and assigned a high ranking will a star buy certified diamond jewelry.

2. Insurability: Celebrities are very particular about insurance, tending to safeguard as many of their valuables as possible, especially jewelry. When making a purchase of this kind, they will make sure the stone is authenticated, simplifying the insurance process. Certified diamond earrings are much easier to appraise than their undocumented counterparts.

3. Identification in Case of Theft: When a diamond gets stolen, it may easily be identified if it’s been appraised. Certification provides a detailed list of all the diamond’s unique characteristics, making it easier to track or identify. Stars may be rich, but they don’t like to lose valuables, especially not their jewels.

4. More Expensive: Celebrities tend to avoid costume jewelry, preferring to spend big on a pair of certified diamond earrings they can wear for the cameras over attractive but uncertified low-cost jewels.

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