Tennis Bracelets and How They Came to Be

Tennis bracelets arguably have a pretty interesting name. Contrary to popular belief, this bracelet has scarcely anything to do with tennis at all. A classic single strand of diamonds that a tennis bracelet originally is did not exist until 1987, or those that did, went by the name of eternity bracelets. So, how did eternity bracelets become the tennis bracelets of today? In a particular sports even in 1987, Chris Evert, the tennis star called off a match because the eternity bracelet she was wearing had come of and flown out of her wrist during a move. It is to this fateful day and to Chris Evert that tennis bracelets owe their name to.

So what essentially changed when eternity bracelets turned to tennis bracelets? That’s a good question that has been raised by many who came upon this story before now. Well, the answer is not much, with only one exception. The bracelets that came to us tennis bracelets did not fly off the wrists of players. But, that’s not something that unathletic people needed to be concerned with, right? Wrong. The tennis bracelets designed after that day of 1987 were engineered to cling on to the wrists of their wearers through extreme moves in dance floors and sports court.

The tennis bracelets to this day retain their dainty forms. In fact, their slight features became their very identity and what was once a misnomer came to become a fully appropriate name for the ornament. The single bands of diamonds became a popular everyday wear of modern women. Today, it’s worn as is, or are stacked with other pieces and customized and styled at will. Wear it alone or pair it with something, a tennis bracelet is always a great way to complement your outfit.

With the use of imagination, jewelers have injected loads of variation into the classic tennis bracelet. Today, you have both the varieties of dainty and bold. There are the more delicate ones that are worn alone or accessorized with other skinny bracelets. Then there are other bold kinds that are gorgeous as is. Tennis bracelets are a popular fashion statement today. They are a favorite of brides, professional women, students and even elderly women. It’s your go-to piece for all occasions, weddings to workdays.

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