Summer Engagements in Hollywood Tinsel Town

The glitter and glamour of tinsel town is pouring out as more and more replicas of Hollywood celeb jewelry are being made available in the consumer market. The summer season brings in loads of fresh inspirations for jewelers around the world. A bunch of celebrities too take advantage of the best time of the year and its perfect weather to get engaged with their beaus. If you follow the grapevine, there are more coming up this year. But thus far, we have records of quite a few. Let’s go over these engagements and their engagement artefact and find out how they can inspire your future engagement ring.


Halo Style Revived by Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber’s Engagement Ring

Summer Engagement Rings in Hollywood Tinsel Town
It would be wrong to say that halo style engagement rings were anywhere but on the top since the start of this year. However, the recent engagement of pop music star Justin Bieber with Hailey Baldwin revived the halo style once again refreshing it back in our memories. The singer proposed to his now-fiancé in the Bahamas while on a holiday with an over-the-top halo style diamond engagement ring. Sitting snugly around what looks like a ring of fire is an oval-cut diamond which illuminates up its surroundings.


Cushion Cut Ring Goes Higher Up in Demand after Karlie Kloss and Josh Kushner’s Engagement

Summer Engagement Rings in Hollywood Tinsel Town
Very recently Josh Kushner, brother to our current president’s son-in-law Jared Kushner got engaged to his long-time girlfriend, model Karlie Kloss. Now whatever your political opinions are, you cannot deny that the ring is quite a treat for the eyes. Kushner proposed in his home in upstate New York with a ring which is an easy showstopper. Featuring a large cushion-cut diamond, it is a runway ready piece.


Lea Michele and Zandy Reigh Usher a New Era of Engagement Ring Style

Summer Engagement Rings in Hollywood Tinsel Town
Of all the engagement rings we have seen so far this year, Lea Michele’s engagement ring is the most outstanding. It’s not just the aesthetics, but also the concept which wins the cake for this one. The ring features a lovely emerald-cut diamond at the center on a heavily encrusted diamond band. Contouring the gigantic rock is a halo of diamonds which offers a better highlight for the stone and a bit of extra glitter for the finger-ready ring.

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