Style up This Summer with Navy Sapphires

Now that winter has passed, people are getting busy for the spring. In terms of fashion, spring and summer call for some elementary changes in fineries. For instance, it’s time to ditch the mute colored coats and woolen outer wears for something more vibrant and catchy. In jewelry, colored gems take the front seats for spring and the subsequent seasons until winter rolls in again. Those who have a natural predilection for gems, we have a recommendation for you. Try sapphires this season. Why? Because sapphire rock, and though that stands true for all its colors, blue deserves the first place. No gems of its category does blue better than sapphires.


Here are some ways to style your sapphires for the sunny seasons.

Make It the Main Event

Style up This Summer with Navy Sapphires
The first way to do it is to go straightforward and all the way. Sapphires are undeniably bold. Whether you sprinkle your jewelry with sapphire stones or make the heart of it, there is no way of keeping it subtle. So, if bold is the way to go, why not make the sparkling blue gems the main event of your jewelry? Need a style recommendation? Try halo. Any ring with a sapphire at its center is a gorgeous choice of jewelry. You can also try sapphire solitaire rings. They are a treat to the eyes.


Just a Touch Does the Magic Too

Style up This Summer with Navy Sapphires

It’s fine too if you don’t want to make it such a gala affair. Want to play it down a little? Try introducing diamonds in your ring. Just a sparing use of sapphires with diamonds work does the magic too. That’s why, jewelers say- even a little sapphire can go a pretty long way. The contrast it whips up is striking. The beauty of blue sapphires is that they scale up the color factor by a huge measure making the jewelry visibly bolder and warmer.


The Casual Neutrals

Style up This Summer with Navy Sapphires

Navy blue is the most preferred neutral color of many. Try picking the deep blue gems to decorate your jewelry and what you have is a versatile piece that goes with any outfit you can bring out. Blue sapphire jewelry are classic and timeless. They are simple yet blazing, sophisticated, yet spunk. Try them with your jeans and tee, blazer and skirt, a cocktail dress or whatever you like and these sterling beauties will almost never disappoint you.

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