Spring Time Floral Jewelry

Spring is the season of revival, the passage from a wintry wintering state to one of rebirth and vitality. As the nature skips from one to another, fashion designers take cue from this natural transition to infuse their creations with the idea and element. This spring, the market has seen an overload of springtime floral jewelry, all of which has its inspiration in the spring flora, meaning that you will get to see a lot of floral motifs in the designs. The sudden spurt of bloom has upturned the geometric and sculptural trend in jewelry for a while.

Curves and Coils
The collection is richly featured with curves and coils instead of linear lines and cubes which preceded this change. However, the bends and curves are not the same as we have seen in traditional jewels. The designers, this time around, have brought about a little twist in the concept. The filigrees are unavoidable, and that is why the designs this spring exhibit a lot of petal works in them. So, instead of relies on wire works alone to give shape to details, the designers have taken to adding a lot of flesh over the bones by works that fill the carcasses instead of detailing the wireframe.

A Sprinkle of Colors
The next new feature of these jewels that is noticeable is the use of colored gemstones. Spring brings with it a burst of color, and it only makes sense to use colored gems instead of achromatic diamonds to reflect them in the jewelry. So this year, jewels will wear more emerald, rubies, and even garnets and peridots than diamonds. However, that will not really shrink the ground for diamonds for they will still continue to make presence, though sparingly, in the assemblage. This has brought down the prices of the jewels by a substantial margin, which is good news for the buyers.

Floral Imitations
The third marked feature of these jewelry is their direct imitation from nature. In order to keep the theme close to nature, the designers have made imitations of their inspirations in the designs. For instance, you will get to see periwinkle earrings, rose rings, bud studs, etc. With this style, the opportunity of introducing new and interesting shapes in the designs has opened up. So, a departure from the traditional stylizing is one of the key things to notice in this collection.

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