Split Shank Design in Three Gold Tones

Split shank is a ring design in which the band splits into two before finally meeting with the diamond in the center. A wonderful mix of classic and modern, this design has gained upper hand in both vintage inspired and contemporary collections like only a few other exclusive designs like itself. A popular feature in the bridal ring section, this twist is loved for its traditional and individualistic aesthetics. So far, the design has been made in all three tones of gold, namely, white, yellow and pink with stylistic improvisations. All the three kinds have been hugely successful among buyers of all age groups.

Split Shank Design in Three Gold Tones

In Yellow Gold
The split shank design looks swoon-worthy in yellow gold. It is the metal that the design was first curved in and the result was an instant success. The vintage feel of the design finds fruition when brought into being in yellow gold. The color yellow gives the rings a gorgeousness that the split shank feature only heightens. Even the simplest divided shank design looks glamorous in yellow gold. It has the look and feel of a classic solitaire, particularly when mounted with a perfect round-cut diamond.

In Pink Gold
Rose gold is relatively new, but ring designs both old and new have come to love this new kind of gold like only a few others. Pink gold and the divided shank work great together, for more than just one reason. Both the metal and the design have the uniqueness to stand out, and when brought together, they create something catchy. In pink gold, the split shank design loses its flashiness. Instead, it assumes a more feminine and delicate look which makes it the right combination for the elegant section of ring collection.

In White Gold
There is hardly any design that does not match with the sparkling silver tone of white gold. The split shank pattern on white gold is an excellent experiment that came to become a popular favorite the moment it hit the shelves, so much so that jewelers started replicating the match in less expensive metals like silver and rhodium. Normally, the white gold split shank rings have a more elaborate design than the other two above. The white gold rings are given a more complex feature to add to the aesthetics of the design. In white gold, this design bears a classic undertone which is quite rare in modern jewelry.

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