A Sparkling Promise of a Future Together

Radiant and spectacular, pavé wedding bands are perfect for saying ‘I do’ to that special someone. Pronounced “pa-vay”, the pave setting originates from the French word ‘to pave’, as in paving with diamonds. The sobriquet is quite descriptive of this precise style of diamond setting in which small diamonds are closely set together with minimal visibility of the tiny metal prongs or beads holding the gemstones in place. Literally paving an entire area of a ring, the style is fashioned to ultimately produce the desired effect of single continuous sparkle.

The artisan typically drills to form holes into the ring, carefully places small diamonds of corresponding size, and finally forms mini-prongs or tiny beads around the edges of the diamonds to secure each diamond safely into the holes. This setting is also popularly known as bead setting. In case of particularly small diamonds, the style is called micro pavé setting. Diamonds are regarded as pavé set when they come in tiny sizes of .01-.02 carats and any smaller than that are said to be micro pavé.

If you have been pondering about investing in a spectacular wedding band that unifies the strength of solid metal with radiance of diamonds, a stunning pave wedding band promises you all that and more. Whether you choose platinum, yellow gold, or white gold, you can play with the diverse silhouettes of pave diamond bands. Single row, three rows, five rows, or even three sides of the band – there is no dearth of glitzy options when you want the finest sparkle on your ring.

A five-row pave wedding band is a perfectly timeless yet streamlined and modern choice. This five-row band can have luminous round brilliant diamonds pavé set in white gold or platinum. Varied width from the ample 4mm five rows of scintillating and luxurious pave wedding band, three-row beautiful and subtle 3mm pave set band, to the minimalist singular circle of pavé set diamonds – you will be surprised to explore the versatility of pavé wedding bands.

Pavé setting make your wedding band pop as it adds a massive spell of sparkle and brilliance to an otherwise predictably essential classic wedding band. A word of caution for potential buyers: ring sizing can be somewhat difficult in a wedding band with pavé set diamonds around the entire ring. If you are getting your ring designed, it is best to confirm the size quite early in the design process to prevent any trouble with the fit when your ring is finished.

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