Some Styles in Emerald Engagement Rings

The alternate bride does not love the regular; neither does she hanker for the classic. She craves for something that is nontraditional, something unique in its aesthetics and meaning. The alternate bride may not share every other girl’s love for diamonds, but she surely identifies the versatility of an emerald. So, if your girl is not the plain Jane, get her something as extraordinary and bold as an emerald engagement ring. These rings are becoming more popular by the day as more and more brides-to-be are coming to recognize and admire its beauty and versatility.

Discussed here are some styles that make great recommendations as proposal rings.

Some Styles in Emerald Engagement Rings

Halo Emerald Rings
When you have chosen emerald, don’t think solitaires. Step out of the box and there are so many options to indulge in. Halo for instance is a great style of engagement ring for anyone with a bold taste. The halo style lends an extra layer of beauty to any ring, and when it comes to an emerald ring, it makes the rings twice as marvelous. Emerald halo rings are usually bordered with white diamonds that further accentuate the color of the emerald while bestowing shine and brilliance to the rings.

Vintage-Inspired Emerald Rings
Emerald stones occur commonly in vintage engagement rings. Go a couple of generations back and you will see that emerald rings were offered for engagements in the early times. If your lady has an eye for anything antique, then get her a vintage-inspired emerald engagement ring. The defining characteristics of these rings are hand engravings, complex motifs and precise detailing. So except to see some breathtaking craftsmanship there. However, please note that vintage-inspired rings are generally a bit on the heavier side, meaning they go with selective outfits.

Three-Stone Emerald Engagement Rings
Your search for contemporary and dainty designs ends here. Modern design doesn’t get better than this. The three stone engagement ring is quite the pinnacle of clean design. A central emerald flanked by two diamonds or other gems on the sides mounted on a plain four-prong setting on a plain band sounds like most women’s dream of an engagement ring. If there is one thing that is assured with this ring, it’s that there is never any chance of anything going wrong with this design.

So, if you are seeking something different, something unique that best describes your relationship, then an emerald engagement ring is the way to go right now.

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