Some information on Princess Cut Diamonds


Princess cut diamonds are a relatively new cut, first designed in the 1960s. The princess cut is a combination of the light play of a round brilliant and the carat preservation of a step cut. The result is by a square diamond with sharp corners and its glittering facet pattern. Its unique design looks beautiful when used as a solitaire or in conjunction with diamonds of differing cuts and shapes. Princess cut diamond engagement rings are second in popularity only to round brilliant diamond engagement rings. Many fine jewelers carry an extensive line of princess cut diamond rings.

Due to its multifaceted design, a diamond’s clarity characteristics are less visible in brilliant cuts than in step cuts such as emerald cut diamonds. You can get a princess cut diamond with a few clarity characteristics and a lower clarity grade, and it will still appear to be of the highest quality. This means you can usually get a princess cut diamond engagement ring for a lower price than one of another cut with a similar weight.

As with all diamonds, choosing a beautiful princess cut diamond comes down to the 4 C’s: carat, cut, clarity, and color. The first C, or carat, refers to the weight of the diamond. The greater the weight, the higher the value of the diamond. The second C refers to the cut of the diamond. Diamonds are cut, or faceted, in a variety of ways that reflect light differently. Ideal princess cut diamonds have perpendicular corners, a centered bottom facet, and a pavilion that slopes without bulging sides. The third C is clarity. Diamonds have natural quirks that affect the way the light is reflected off of them. Because princess cut diamonds have many facets, you can choose one with less clarity than other cuts without affecting the brilliance of the diamond. The last C refers to the color of the diamond. Diamonds are rated according to how close to colorless they are. Lower grade diamonds will have a hint of yellow to them, while those closer to a D grade are almost completely clear.

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