So many designs to choose from, for your Engagement Ring

When buying engagement rings, finding the right style is essential. Your partner may be very particular about the type of ring she wants. One may try to find meaning not just from the size of the diamonds, but from the design as well.

Tradition tells us that men pay for diamond engagement rings, keeping their purchase secret until the moment they surprise their brides-to-be with grand and romantic proposals. As for women, their task was to procure the grooms’ wedding band.

Today, many people propose in other ways. It’s common now for couples to buy their rings together. This way, each of the pair can choose which rings that best appeal to them. Shopping together also ensures rings that fit.

The classic solitaire setting is often seen as a symbol of the devotion of the giver. Solitaires come in many variations: six-prong, four-prong, bezel, cathedral solitaire, cathedral basket, knife edge, trellis and more.

Another prominent design is the three stone setting. In this style, three matching diamonds are placed in a row with the biggest stone in the center. Some believe the three stones signify the past, present, and future of a long-lasting married life. Three stone settings are often set in 18k white gold or platinum.

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