Simple guidelines for purchasing brilliant cut diamonds


Before purchasing a round brilliant cut diamond, you will need to know some of the common kinds of diamonds available in physical and online stores. You will also need to familiarize yourself on diamond prices. All diamonds look glorious in the right kind of light. As a result, you can fall for one that is not worth what you are about to pay for it. Take your time and carry out enough research before you actually commit to making a purchase.

The 4 Cs of diamonds provide a guideline by which to determine a diamond’s quality. Gauging the color, cut, clarity and carat will help you assess the real value of the diamond you are about to buy. For certified round brilliant cut diamonds, you will be able to get these at reasonable prices.

Be very keen when examining diamonds before buying. You should be looking not just at the prices, but you should also be keen on the flaws, any chips on the diamonds, or even some discoloration and scratches. These would lower the price of the diamond if you insist on making a purchase, or warn you to move on to another diamond altogether.

Finding a good partner who appreciates you for who you are is not easy. When you find your special someone, treat them in kind. Many people today prefer to propose to their loved ones with heart shaped diamond engagement rings. You will feel like the whole world is happy for you.

When buying heart shaped diamonds, the length to width ratio should be 1:1, so the heart looks proportional. Size should also be considered. The smaller the ring the harder it will be for someone to immediately tell the heart shape. If the ring is too big there is the prospect of unnecessary attention. Make sure that if you decide to invest in a heart shaped diamond ring, you get the perfect size.

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