Seven Steps to Choose the Perfect Diamond Engagement Ring

You have decided to propose; now, it’s time to pick out the perfect engagement ring. Why is this so important? You need to make sure that when you bring out the ring and pop the question, she is impressed with it.

Here is a step-by-step guide to help you make the right choice.

Step 1: Set a budget. This helps you stay within a specific price range and helps your jeweler to bring out the ring designs that fit your pocket. Otherwise, you may find it difficult with the endless choices available.

Step 2: Learn about the 4Cs. Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat – these parameters affect the value of the diamond. And these also have a big influence on its price. You need to have a good idea about why you are paying what you are paying, for a particular stone.

Step 3: Ask her ring size. You can be a little sneaky here; don’t put a direct question. Instead, get hold of one of her rings. You can also estimate her ring size with a little help from your jeweler. If unsure, opt for a little bigger, as it will be much easier to size it down.

Step 4: Understand her taste. Does she wear intricate jewelry or chunky ones? Does she love classic designs or modern elements? Does she choose rose gold or platinum? Consider her likes and dislikes with regard to jewelry to make the right choice.

Step 5: Identify the right shape. Classic ones are the round and square. But you can also opt for the intriguing pear-shape or the alluring marquise-shape. Also remember, the cut needs to reveal the brilliance of the diamond engagement ring.

Step 6: Consider her lifestyle. If she is the elegant female, a sophisticated solitaire in a pronged setting may be ideal. But it will keep getting in the way if she is the active outdoorsy type. How she leads her life makes an impact on which ring you choose.

Step 7: Determine the metal. White, yellow, rose – the array of hues of gold makes it difficult to choose a single one. If you are confused, opt for a mix and match. A diamond set in platinum can also be a chic choice.

A diamond engagement ring is a classic; and you can seldom go wrong about the choice. However, it is necessary to have a clear idea about how to find the right one before you take a step. Without the proper plan, you may be in a haze of confusion.

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