How to Save Money on Diamond Engagement Rings


You are set to propose to your beloved. But you are yet to decide on the very important question – how much do you spend on the engagement ring? It can be a tricky time. And without a little help, it may be possible that you make the wrong decision.

Girls love diamonds – that is one universally acknowledged fact. But it needn’t be that you find your girl the biggest rock you could find and carry forward the debt for most part of your marital life. It is best to think first and then act, and not the contrary.

Before you make any choice, here are a few tips that would help you in this regard.

Set a budget even before you start your search. There are no hard and fast rules about this. Before you check out the choices available, fix a range within which you would look. It would avoid over expenditure, and it would also narrow down the search.

Don’t try to overdo it. Borrowing money from family or friends may work, but only if you would be able to pay back before you get married. If all you can afford is a smaller diamond on the engagement ring, don’t lose heart. It is much better than being in debt.

If necessary, talk to your beloved. A proposal must be a surprise. But it would not be a good one unless you have a fair idea about what your beloved wishes for. If you think your ideas about what to spend on the ring don’t match, it is best to discuss it before you buy.

Find an online store. Whether you wish to get a radiant cut diamond ring or a simple round stone, you can find a good one that suits your budget from an online store. It is easier to find engagement rings for women at competitive rates when you shop online.

Look out for seasonal discounts. Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and many other occasions are the perfect times to go shopping for the diamond engagement rings. Many online stores offer good deals during such special times, and you can get a bargain with ease.

A proposal should be made in such a way that the heart flutters and speech becomes inadequate. And creating this would require you to find the perfect ring for her. With a little thought, you would be able to pick the right one and at the right price.

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