Rubies and Diamonds

Rubies and Diamonds, a Match Made to Compliment the Ladies

If you have always wanted to pair two gems together in an ornament, then here is your answer. No two stones go as well together as rubies and diamonds. Though it’s strictly a matter of taste, but I have heard people agreeing more on this pairing than people getting together in real life. Jokes aside, rubies and diamonds were born to be put together in jewelry. In the light of the recent Oscars fashion highlights, this point has been proven pretty well. Ruth Negga’s ruby and diamond danglers are all over the social media and tabloid, and for all the right reasons.

Diamonds and Rubies in Earrings
Here is something to put things in perspective, if you have difficulty imaging rubies and diamonds side by side. The stones may not look as electric when imagined abstractly like that, but are darlings to the eyes when framed in ornaments. Ruby studs with diamond halos is a pretty number, and vice versa. Studs with a mix of cluster diamonds and rubies are equally fascinating. As for larger ear pieces like chandelier or drop earrings, the possibilities are endless. Take a look at some of the ruby-and-diamond earrings online to get a clear idea of it.

Rubies with Diamonds in Pendants
Heritage jewelry often feature diamonds or rubies, but together, they have made appearances rarely. Sure enough that is precisely why those jewelry are often bid at higher prices than others. A chunky ruby with diamond rim makes a perfect estate piece. The same goes with the combination in reverse. If you are here to get ideas for a customized pendant, then go for a ruby center stone locket with an all-diamond halo.

Diamonds with Rubies in Neckpieces
As for neck pieces, the combination of rubies and diamonds is unmatchable, as long as you have an exclusive design to put them into. The marriage of rubies and diamonds attain aesthetic perfection only when there is the contour of an incredible design. Neckpieces often do not have center stones and that is perfectly fine as long as the design of the ornament is fitting to the combination. Cluster stone neckpieces cost a lot less than those that use chunky stones. Explore the designs available to make a perfect selection or whip something up from your mind by borrowing ideas from what’s available.

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