Rose Gold or Yellow Gold, Which Is Better?

The contest between rose and yellow gold has reached a boiling point. As more and more buyers find themselves going back and forth between the two kinds, some are unaltered in their fidelity towards the older version of gold. Amidst all this, a new branch of enthusiasts have emerged who are taking the obsession for pink gold to a new level. So, if you find yourself at the heart of this diverging tastes, then it’s best to wait till you gather enough information to make an educated choice.

Which Makes a Better Investment?
It is quite natural for us humans to fall for heavy metals like gold and silver in all their forms. That has only come true for gold and all its different kinds. But, the question still lingers- which of the two makes a better investment? From an investment, point of view, yellow gold tops rose gold. Why? Because gold in its natural form occurs in only one color, and that’s yellow. The other varieties of gold that have come up recently are achieved in the laboratory. The colors, white, pink, black, etc. are produced by mixing gold with alloys of copper, silver and such metals. So, yellow gold is the purest form of gold there is. Any variety of gold that has a different color contains a good percent of alloy. So, if you are all for investment, choose 24K, or at least 22K gold. They make the best investment asset.


Which Has the Aesthetic Upper Hand?
However, if you are investing in gold ornaments, then rose gold is a prime candidate. Although it would be a very relative thing to answer which of the two looks best, one can say that rose gold is currently more popular in the market than the other. There are two reasons for this. First, it’s a new thing and like all new things, it has attracted a bulk of attention towards it. Secondly, rose gold has a color that is hard not to like. It has a blush so natural that it compliments any skin tone. So, rose gold makes an obvious choice for a wide mass of buyers who are looking to buy jewelry that would complement their features and tones.

Which Is Cheaper?
Depending on the karat, rose gold is less expensive than yellow gold. So, if you want cheap and pretty, its hands down rose gold.

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