Recommendations for the Perfect Asscher-Cut Diamond

So you are looking to buy an Asscher cut diamond? That is an excellent choice, as far as cuts go. When the choice is Asscher cut, aim higher because this cut simply does not weigh heavy on the pocket. With a medium kind of budget, you can buy yourself an ideal cut Asscher diamond, if you know the metrics. So, without further ado, let’s get down to business. Here are some of the bottom line tips and recommendations for the ideal version of the Asscher cut diamond.

Recommendations for the Perfect Asscher-Cut Diamond

Avoid diamonds that bear a yellowish tint because that’s the color that reveals itself most prominently in an Asscher cut. Every cut has a certain color incompatibility, and for Asscher, it is yellow. To play it safe, a buyer must pick from the grade H which is about the lowest you can go to avoid any yellowish tint. For a stone of 1 Carat or above, pick from grade G, or preferably above. The larger the stone is, the higher the color grade should be, if you don’t want to risk revealing the color.

Clarity is paramount in an Asscher cut diamond, especially if you are aiming for the ideal cut. One thing you must be well aware of when buying an Asscher cut is that flaws show easily in this cut. So, there is no picking from the lower grade and masking the flaws with intense brilliance and fire. For a good-quality Asscher cut diamond, clarity is paramount. VS2 or higher grades are a good place to look. But if your budget allows it, pick from VS1 and above, if you are looking for a stone above 1 carat.

The table percentage of an ideal Asscher cut diamond is anywhere between 61 and 68%. Although the Asscher is not a graded cut because cut grading is reserved especially for round and princess cuts, the said percentage has the maximum light performance. So, for optimum brilliance, this is the best percentage bracket.

For depth, you want to look anywhere between 10% and 68%. Asscher cut diamonds with depth between 60% and 68% offers the best light reflection.

Last but not the least, the fluorescence is a major concern with most buyers. In case you are not aware, fluorescence is a flaw that gives a diamond a smoky appearance. It counts as a downside and therefore you want to avoid it in an Asscher cut diamond.

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