The Recipe for a perfect Surprise

The impact of any surprise intensifies with the buildup. The longer you build the suspense, the sweeter it makes the finale. So, for all you people out there who are planning to surprise their significant other on an occasion or an excuse, there is certain formula of planning a surprise. Though the thematic elements may differ from one another by far, the recipe is what keeps the center together and in place. If you have been dating each other for a long time, it’s time to ditch all the gooey gifting gestures of sweet treat hampers and silk pillows. Switch to something real, something precious and something that lights up the heartiest smile on her face. A diamond it is.

Storming for Ideas
Running dry on ideas is one of the probabilities at this stage. Finding the box empty when you are rummaging for a plan is not specifically symptomatic of a writer’s block. In fact, it’s just one of those paradoxes of luck when you see a cop at every intersection when you forget your driver’s license home and don’t see any for a whole 50 miles while being tailgated by a spooky RV on a highway in the middle of a desert. But, no matter how much idle your brain decides to be, loaning ideas from others is not an option. Giving conclusion to someone’s vision is difficult, and it certainly takes away the personal element from the surprise. Keeping hammering the good old brain of yours and it will eventually swamp you with too many concepts to handle.

The Suspense
Suspense is a tough nut! You can neither bypass it, nor crack it right away. So, you have to mystify the final act so that your lady is left clueless, but with a fast beating heart. Drop no clue, don’t give away anything in your gestures and expressions and let it build up until the final moment when she opens her box and reveals her gift. You can do this with a little sign game on the doors, guiding her to her treasure. For a more assiduous act, you can lay a walkway of rose petals and candles that will lead her to her surprise at the end of the trail.

The Final Moments
This is the most satisfying part of the plan. Don’t make the mistake of trying to photograph the moment by yourself. Have a lens man around to freeze it while you witness it in its wholeness. In the few seconds of her locating the box, flipping it open, freezing in wonder and smiling disarmingly at the brilliance of the diamond jewelry that gazes at her straight out of the box lies your reward. Don’t miss it for it is what you would be working so hard for.

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