Radiant Cut Diamonds Blend Brilliance with Elegance

If you want to combine the stylish contours of a rectangular or square shape with the stunning radiance of a conventional round brilliant cut, a sleek radiant cut diamond can be an ideal choice. It carefully fuses the best of both world – classy shape and incredible luster. It goes beyond the time-honored choice of a predictable round brilliant to embrace refined glamour in your jewelry.

A Blissful Amalgam of Class and Elegance

A diamond in cuboid shape characterized by cropped corners, the popular radiant cut blends the elegance of an emerald cut diamond with the intense brilliance of a round. Color refraction achieves maximum potential in this diamond thanks to its 70 facets – 25 on the crown or top, 37 on the pavilion or bottom, and 8 on its girdle. Due to its unique design, the radiant cut demands increased weight in its depth so as to deliver optimized brilliance. In radiant cut, depth percentage of 70% to 78% is not rare.

There are varied preferences regarding the shape in radiant cut diamonds. It can be cut to a precise square outline with a length to width ratio of 1.00 ranging between 1.00 and 1.05. For a rather elongated outline, the ratio can vary between an approximate range of 1.20 and 140 with 1.30 as the ideal. If longer and narrower silhouette is your preference, look for a length to width ratio of 1.50 to 1.80.

A rectangular radiant is an excellent alternative for admirers who like the shape of an emerald cut but look for the brilliance of a round. The square radiant looks quite like a princess cut but with trimmed corners.

Imperfections and inclusions can show in a radiant due to its large facet. Hence, considering the optimum color and clarity grading is necessary. However, technically flawless appearance in a radiant will increase its price exponentially. Alternatively, as a result of its brilliance, when viewed with naked eye, radiant cut is more forgiving of blemishes or inclusions compared to other square cuts such as emerald and asscher.

Radiant cut diamonds make for an excellent choice when it comes to engagement rings, wedding rings, and a host of fine jewelries like bracelets, necklaces, earrings and so on. If you are fascinated with the distinctiveness of a square or rectangular diamond cut, radiant cut diamond will make an outstanding selection.

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