Is Radiant Cut Diamond a Good Option for an Engagement Ring


Every diamond cut is blessed with attributes that makes one uniquely different from the other. Diamond cuts are varied and it is the unique set of features which gives them their identity. Though all types of diamond cuts are ideal for an engagement ring, it is at the end of the day a matter of personal preference. It is on you to decide which diamond cut best suits your personality and style and above all which best captures you with their beauty. There are several reasons for you to opt for the radiant cut diamond in your engagement ring.

It is one of those mixed cuts that has a blend of brilliance and vivid fire of the very popular round brilliant. Radiant cut diamonds are square shape and they have trimmed corners. Created by none other than the master diamond cutter Henry Grossbard in the mid 1970s, this diamond cut delivers an intense fire which further contributes to its supreme beauty. It has around 70 facets, deep cut and extensive pavilion, which renders it an amazing fire and flash, the radiant cut diamond is so famous for.

If you are looking for a fancy cut, which has the fire and brilliance of a round cut diamond, the radiant cut diamonds are definitely a great option. Being a versatile cut, they embrace a number of styles. They look stunning as solitaire and even when accompanied with side stones. In fact, they not only look graceful as an engagement ring, but also make a great wedding band. Both small and large carat sizes of radiant cut diamond can be considered as they look mesmerizing and eye-catchy in any size.

A big advantage of a radiant cut diamond is that it is a very forgiving cut. They do not magnify blemishes or color tints nor do they make any inclusions prominent. The cut in fact is known to hide small flaws. It is for this reason that even a small carat radiant cut diamond can be considered for an engagement ring or a wedding ring. Radiant cut diamond is rare and is available in a very limited number of diamond stores. It can be difficult to find this type of cut for an engagement ring though it is not really impossible. Step into a reputed diamond store for high quality, eco-friendly, ethical, conflict free radiant cut diamond engagement rings.

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