Presenting the Ideal Cut

You may have heard about the ideal grade cut already, but if you haven’t, no matter. The elites of diamond cuts, the ideal cuts have sore to fame for the right reasons. Technically, a cut is ideal grade when it reflects almost all of the light that enters through its many facets causing the stone to sparkle and emit radiance from all sides. As expected from the high standard, only 1% of the diamonds that are cut and polished globally meet the ideal grade. If your target is to buy the best cut diamonds, then doubtless, you want to pick from the ideal grade category.

Presenting the Ideal Cut

What Specifically Makes a Cut Ideal?
As mentioned above, when a cut manages to bounce of all the light cast on it, it is graded ideal. Technically, this means that the stone should have a flawlessly symmetrical pavilion and crown. That results in the maximum reflection of lights, something that optimizes the sparkle. So, any cut that is either too deep or too shallow cannot be graded ideal because it loses maximum reflectiveness. Gemologists and mathematicians have worked together to determine the idealness of a cut for years. They both have agreed to the fact that no set of measurements and proportions can be named as the benchmark for the ideal cut. Angles and proportions have the key role to play in it.

How Can I Buy An Ideal Grade Cut Stone?
Due to lack of standard parameters, the GIA still doesn’t have the ideal grade in its scale. However, both jewelers and gemologists have stated that, only round brilliant diamonds have been graded ideal, owing to their facet alignments. Except for a round-cut diamond, grades for all other cuts range between “excellent, very good, good, fair and poor”.

Are There Any Perceptible Differences between an Ideal Cut or a Regular Cut Gem?
Well, that would be a yes. Spotting an ideal cut is actually pretty easy, even for those who are not trained in gems and cuts. The sparkle is the most conspicuous mark of difference that elevates an ideal cut to a whole different level. The ideal cut gems have a bright fire in them which is visibly missing from lower grade cuts. Under magnification, this sparkle exposes itself to the maximum. However, the visible is quite remarkable even in natural light.  Because the ideal grade cut gems are so much aesthetically superior to all other lower grades, they are priced so atrociously.

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