Pink Diamonds Jewelry That Are Making Statements This Year

Vivid pink diamonds are one of the rarest and most expensive diamonds to be found on planet earth. That said, not all pink diamonds are from the vivid pink category. The regular pink diamonds occur in far greater quantities and sold for much lower prices. That’s good news for enthusiasts for their pink fetish can now be satisfied without parting with their lives’ savings. Pink diamond jewelry are not banalities in the market, but they are rare. As of now, the market is far from being oversaturated with these artefacts. So between now and that time in the future, you have plenty to explore and exploit.

Pink Diamond Solitaire Rings
Who says solitaires are best crowned with colorless diamonds. In fact, very recently, jewelers and designers have come upon this realization. In order to make up for the lost time, they have engorged upon the idea rolling out new solitaires every day, all set with pink diamonds. If pink is your color and pink diamonds fascinate you, then there is no reason why you shouldn’t get a pink diamond solitaire ring this time. Solitaires with pink diamonds are available in all styles and designs their white counterparts are crafted in. So, you have to pretty much like a design enough and order it to be made for you, with a pink diamond.

Pink Riviera Necklaces
Rivera necklaces are stunners. They make the best accompaniments to fashionable party attires like long and gorgeous gowns. They also make great pairs for bridal dresses. So, whether it’s your own wedding, or someone else’s, you can sport a pink Riviera neckpiece and get the crowd ga-ga over it. Should you be looking for something on the expensive side of the range, choices are a lot more delicate and incredible. Elaborate Riviera neckpieces come with and complex designs more diamonds to aggrandize them.

Pink Floral Brooches
Last but not least, a pink floral brooch is a great touch to a high-fashion outerwear. Be it a haute couture fur coat or an end-of-sale pick of trench coat, a delicate pink diamond brooch can make any outerwear stand out. Just stick it to the lapel of your coat and feel the eyes following you around. An intricate pink floral brooch is a great accessory to pin on boots and hats too. Try to achieve a color contrast for best effect.

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