Paris Hilton’s 2 Million Dollar Engagement Sparkler

The news of Paris Hilton’s engagement spread like wildfire. Following a tweet she made on social media of a picture of her boyfriend Chris Zylka down on one knee holding out a ring on a ski slope somewhere in Aspen, Colorado, the Internet went into a frenzy. However, what topped that furor was the revelation of the sparkler that Zylka proposed to his beau with. It’s a 20 carat diamond ring. Yes, you heard it right; the heiress to the Hilton group of hotels said an emphatic yes when her boyfriend asked her hand in marriage during a ski trip in Aspen, making her another celeb who got engaged while on holiday.

Paris Hilton’s 2 Million Dollar Engagement Sparkler
Adjusting the loupe on the cripplingly pricey engagement artefact, the ring is a 20 carat pear-cut diamond ring. Hold your breath for experts after their glance of the ring estimated it to be worth around 2 million dollars. The Internet in the next few days was swamped with images of the newly engaged couple lip locked and getting cozy in the snowy mountains of Aspen. Reports came out in the following days that Hilton has hired extra security to seek protection for her engagement ring.
The first picture of the ring came in which the two lovebirds were locked in a kiss in the icy mountains on their vacation, a massive pear-cut diamond ring dazzling on Hilton’s fourth finger. Going into the design details of the ring, it is an all-platinum piece with just a single 20 carat diamond set in the center of a halo band. The ring features a split-shank band which is quite the thing at the moment.
As for the source of this incredibly beautiful piece, Zylka didn’t scoop it up from a haute joaillerie collection. Instead, the swoon-worthy piece was a product of days of him working together with the celebrity jewelry designer Michael Greene.
In an interview, designer Michael Greene told US Magazine that the entire process took them about five to six months. He started with the designing process when Zylka went to him with the idea about 5 to 6 months back. They have been at it since. The pear-cut stone however has a story behind it. The choice of the cut goes back to Hilton’s love for the particular shape that her father gifted her. So, it was the obvious choice to make knowing the memories involved.

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