Oval Diamonds: Matchlessly Brilliant and Fabulously Special



When it comes to diamonds, our choices often tend to be restricted within the boundaries of tradition. No wonder, the safest bet of round brilliant cut also remains the highest selling diamond among all the diamonds sold globally. However, if you want to appreciate the brilliance and fire of round diamond sans the predictability of a circular shape, oval diamonds definitely make for an excellent alternative.


Oval Diamonds: Amazingly Larger and Elongated Appearance

A modified brilliant cut, oval diamonds present the additional benefit of an elongated contour which creates the sought-after illusion of a bigger size. An oval diamond when compared with a round diamond of equal carat weight displays a larger surface area. This slender shape also produces an effect of a slimmer and longer finger.

On how fat or narrow your oval diamond should be, depends entirely on personal preferences. A length to width ratio between 1.35 and 1.50 is regarded as the classic oval cut. If you have a somewhat thinner cut diamond, it may appear most appealing in a sleek setting where the center stone is flanked by radiant side stones.



Things to Know When You Buy Oval Diamonds

Oval cut diamonds tend to possess a certain degree of bow-tie effect, ranging from near indiscernible to severe. However, visibility of a bow-tie cannot be effectively ascertained simply by reviewing the dimensions or diamond certificate. You have to visually inspect the gemstone to understand the actual appearance of a bow-tie and other aspects of the stone.

Please note that oval diamonds are not graded by Gemological Institute of America (GIA) for its cut. To find the perfect piece of oval diamond, verify that your jeweler understands and is familiar with the optimum specifications of oval diamond cut.

Nevertheless, ensuring that your oval cut diamond comes with a diamond certificate is crucial. The certificate includes precise measurements including the length to width ratio, so that you know the accurate shape and dimensions of the diamond you are purchasing.


Pricing of Oval Cut Diamonds

You should not be going above and beyond your budget when searching for loose oval diamonds or oval cut diamond engagement rings. While oval cut diamonds are certainly rarer than the common round and princess cut diamonds, they are in lesser demand. Nevertheless, carat weight as well as exclusivity of color, cut, and clarity can also make a difference to the price.


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