One on Men’s Wedding Bands

Men’s jewelry is hardly as meticulously covered as women’s and whether or not due to that bit of the fact, confusion rules in the selection of men’s wedding bands. Although options are quite limitless even in men’s wedding rings, most of the time, buyers don’t seem to get their hands on the right pieces. But honestly and quite reassuringly, finding the right wedding band doesn’t have to be a daunting job for a man. As long as your priorities are all laid out straight before you, except budget constraints, nothing can really get in your way of finding the right piece.

The Basics of a Band

The first thing to look in a men’s wedding ring is a band. Your choices here start from the most basic models to high-end intricately featured bands. Pick whatever catches your eye, but be sure to be fully decided on the metal of the band. The prices rise from sterling silver to platinum, in order of appearance. Next comes the features of the band. Do you want it to have a high polish or a grainy texture? Would it be edgy or blunt for you? Do you want the surface to feature some kind of striations.

Some Aggrandizement

Gems add a certain charm to an ornament. Men’s wedding bands may not feature multi-colored gems, most of the times, they carry small-sized achromatic diamonds. Some bands have small crystals set in channel technique while others are micro-paved and indented into the band. However, there are more than just these two options in gems. Examine the designs thoroughly before deciding to go with one.

Two-Toned Features

Two-toned bands are high in fashion these days. The colors lend a touch of difference to the rings making them look precious and creative in its own way. Platinum with yellow gold, white gold with rose gold, etc. are the most common options. Silver is usually matched with yellow or rose colored gold to spark up a contrast that jazzes up the looks of the bands instantly.

Arty and Detailed

If you have an eye for detail, try something on the side of arty. They usually feature a whole lot of details and intricacies that are commonly missing in regular wedding bands. They are mostly handcrafted or come with designer labels. Either which way, they are incredible in their creative quotient.

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