Necklaces in Trend This Year

The year 2017 arrived with an incredibly tempting collection of jewelry that wear the feel and essence of freshness and newness. While some are concepts from last year improved beyond recognition, others are wholly new. From modern to classical, concept to geometric, this year is all about diversity in the jewelry industry. In all that, gold, platinum, palladium and silver continues to be the key dominant materials this year. If it sounds exciting for you to spare a few minutes, let’s take a look at some of the most stunning neckpieces that are going to rule the genre of fashion jewelry this year.

Clean Chains: Clean chains have been around before this, but 2017 has an array of fresh designs to choose from. Made from platinum and silver, these chains are mostly Cuban or Firago, and wear very delicate designs. The links are thin and flat and the length of the chains are no longer than Princess chains. For a little dare, you can make them in the matinee length for the extra effect.

Broad Chokers: Broad chokers or collars are not new, but these ones definitely are. Keeping along the trail of minimalism, these chockers have been designed with absolutely no design or detail, whatsoever. These broad chokers resemble plain gold collars, and fit comfortably around the neck. The bling may be something to consider before buying one. If you are not a fan of a little golden glimmer, then you need to move on.

Chain Chokers: This is perhaps the most exclusive piece on the list. Using the mixed metal concept, designers have crafted out a choker that has taken the masses by a sweet surprise. Clunky U chain links have been used to put together this choker, which, for a change, sits at the base of the neck instead of wrapping itself around the neck. The piece is made of two chains made of gold and platinum respectively, linked in the middle with an inverted, close-ended U loop in the center. A short footnote is that this one will cost you half a fortune for its solid built.

Choker and Chain: For the first time, jewelers have brought into the market a combination neckpieces that has a choker and a chain. While the choker sits high up on the neck, the chain falls at matinee length. The chain chosen to affix with this piece is usually a very flimsy one which ups the style quotient.

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