3 Most Flagrant Myths about Engagement Rings

Something like a wedding takes a lot of budgeting, planning, adjusting and more. But most people do not agree to the fact that proposing takes almost similar amount of brainwork. If you don’t believe this, then you are probably inexperienced in this area. To get engaged, especially for a guy, it needs finding the right ring, saying the right words and of course picking the perfect moment to say it. A lot of misinformation surrounds the subject of engagement ring, and that only makes it all the more confusing. So, to help you cut through the noise, here we have for you three myths about engagement rings and the reality behind it.

It Has to Be Diamond

3 Most Flagrant Myths about Engagement Rings
When you painstakingly browse through the collections of several stores and find a ring you really like, you remember that the first rule of engagement ring shopping is to look in diamond rings. It cannot get more wrong than this. Diamond is surely an element of romance and a diamond ring is a gesture of romance by extension, but it’s not set in stone that only a diamond ring befits the occasion. There are plenty of women who have no real affinity for diamonds. The alternate bride for example has a strong apathy towards all things stereotypical. A minimal bride does not believe in wearing a rock in her engagement ring. The only resolution to that conflict of interest is to pick something from the other sections. So, don’t think that diamond rings are your only choice.

It Has to Be Big

3 Most Flagrant Myths about Engagement Rings
The fever for a big diamond is a phenomenon that has many victims. But that does not really make it a rule to buy a ring with a rock-size diamond. Not all budgets are cut for it. So, one should not feel particularly pressed to buy a big rock to beset an engagement ring. There are many women who like their diamonds small or at least moderately sized. It suits their taste.

Surprise Is a Must
Lastly, of the many myths about engagement, the most pressing is the surprise element. In their bid to keep it a hush-hush, men often get the ring size wrong, or the style less than perfect. That sours the experience in the end. So, forget the surprise, and do it differently. Ask her to marry you with a basic gold band, and then for the bigger surprise, take her to the store and get her to pick one out.

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