Mistakes You Want to Avoid Making with Your Jewelry

Jewelry are pricey assets that, more often than not, outlive generations of owners to become heirlooms. So, when you invest in a piece of expensive jewelry, it is understood that the piece is going to remain in the family for some time, if you do not refashion or sell it. As an owner, there are some things you don’t want to do to your jewelry to make sure that they last as long as possible, and in the best shape. Let’s take a look at some mistakes that you want to avoid with your jewels to keep them sturdy and shining for ever.

Mistakes You Want to Avoid Making with Your Jewelry

Poor DIY Cleaning Methods
Poor DIY cleaning methods can rob the shine and polish off your ring more than you think. It is important that you understand what you are doing to your jewels. Use of abrasive chemicals for better cleaning is the first misstep. Steaming warm water for soaking and dipping is another mistake that you must avoid. Gold is a soft metal, and you don’t want to heat it unless you want to melt it off. Even hot water can affect the life of an ornament substantially.

Wearing Them in Water
Make sure to leave them behind before you expose yourself to water, and that includes the times you step in the shower every day. Bath water may not be aggressively adverse to the ornaments, but the soap scum surely is. This rule applies strictly when going swimming. Whether it’s a pool, a personal or a public place, taking your jewelry off is a requirement. The chemicals from the water can leave your jewels look dull as steel over time.

Not Cleaning Them Yourself
Sending your jewelry to the store every time you need to clean them is not the best possible decision. Machine cleaning involves a series of steps that can loosen the stone settings and even wash away some of the gold in the process. So, cleaning your jewelry at home is necessary, and so is cleaning it the right away. However, that is not to say never to get them professionally cleaned. Frankly, they don’t need thorough cleaning as often if you maintain them at home.

Keeping Them on While Cleaning
When you are cleaning the house, leave them behind in a box. Dirt and sweat together can leave an invisible slimy sheen over gold ornaments that can affect the shine and polish in the long run.

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