Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make with Your Jewelry

Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make with Your JewelryJewelry pieces are assets for life, investment that you do not want to screw up in any circumstance. This is precisely why so much planning and consideration go into the prospect of buying a piece, and for a common man with moderate earning, there are not too many of such investments in a lifetime. It is therefore advisable to make the most of those rare spending so that your money is put in the right place. However, like every other investment, buying jewelry is a prospect fraught with many challenges and failings. As a prospective buyer, here are some mistakes you want to avoid to make your investment last and reap the most.

Paying No Heed to the Salesperson
The salesperson is often motivated by his personal agenda of getting the priciest piece sold, but he may also have something worth the time to offer. Do not altogether ignore all his suggestions because sometimes, they give the best advise that falls on deaf ears. Listen to everything he or she has to say in regards to the purchase, but make your own decision in the end.

Not Cleaning Your Ornaments Often
Not cleaning your ornaments at home is a bad habit that can depreciate the pieces faster. You must wash your jewels of everyday wear weekly, even if you are a stay-at-home user. Our skin constantly secretes oil that sits on our jewels making them cloudy and grimy. Weekly cleaning is essential to get rid of the grease.

Sending Them for a Professional Wash Frequently
A professional cleaning every now and then is compulsory, but that is not to say that you can send them for a rigorous cleaning every year. Professional cleaning involves a series of techniques that can cause the jewels to lose metal weight and even weaken the settings.

Wearing Them in Water
You may have heard this before, but there is no skipping stressing on this point. Take everything off before stepping into the shower or pool.

Skipping the Research before Purchase
Pre-purchase research is the most effective way to ensure your purchase with the best decision. You can’t skip it, if your money is precious to you.

Stowing Them Anywhere
Storage is paramount to the preservation of jewels. So, keep them in compartmentalized and padded boxes instead of cramming them inside a box or leaving them openly on the shelf of your vault.

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