Mind-Blowing Facts about Diamonds

Diamonds are always a woman’s favorite, and no matter how many you have, you will always want more of these beauties. Those who, aside amassing diamonds, are also interested to learn more about these stones have a bounty to bag. Listed here are some rare facts about diamonds that are news to most people. Unless of course you have already dived into scavenging rare facts about diamonds, this read will keep you hooked for a few minutes. So, without delay, let’s take you through some of the most fantastic facts about diamonds that you probably didn’t know before.

Diamonds Are Billions of Years Old
No one knows how old diamonds originally are. The first documented discovery of diamonds is also its dated age. Diamonds, as far as gemologists can tell from evidences and dating techniques, are three billion years old at least. It could possibly be older, but it was much later that people had the knowledge and resources to extract them from the earth’s core.

Early Civilizations Believed That These Are Tears of Gods
People, since the birth of religion have found a way to associate everything that catches their awe with their Gods. Diamonds too had similar connotations in the minds of the early Greeks and Romans. They believed that these stones were dropped on them from heaven and were but tear drops of Gods. With the sparkling quality of diamonds and their scientific inadequacy, you can hardly blame them.

Diamonds Are Made of Carbon
You probably have heard this already, but this is one of those factoids that never ceases to awe. It’s simply mind-blowing to think that the most sparkling gemstone of all is nothing but a compressed and pressurizing element carbon. The clearest and flawless diamonds are 100% carbon with no trace elements. Diamonds owe their crystalline structure from the earth’s natural pressure and thermal treatment.

Diamond Is Not the Hardest Substance on Earth
Sorry guys but diamond is no longer the hardest substance on earth. Periodic table shows three other elements that received precedence before diamonds in terms of durability. These are; Spider’s Silk, Silicon Carbide and Nanospheres. Although fourth in rank, diamonds still are pretty strong. But do not be mistaken because the diamond you wear on your finger is still very vulnerable to scratches and cracks. So, don’t be misled to think that it will survive an apocalypse without so much as a scratch.

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