Metals and Their Aesthetic Compatibility with Diamond Rings

You may have heard a salesperson jabber about diamond’s lucid compatibility with all precious metals, but turns out, part of that speech is disputable. Although these points do not decry the compatibility of diamonds with most metals, they only aim to show you the finer choices and how to make the most of that into making your diamond ring more spectacular. There are some metals that further accent the fire and scintillation of a diamond while there are others that mute the effect. So, let’s take a look at the precious metals and their camaraderie with diamonds. In the end, you will be able to make an informed choice.

Metals and Their Aesthetic Compatibility with Diamond Rings

Yellow Gold with Diamonds
The match of yellow gold with diamonds is timeless. They have set the trend for diamond jewelry in the vintage jewelry. The marriage of gold and diamonds have been performed by the hands of old masters who saw the perfection in the combination of the two. Yes, gold indeed highlights the brilliance of a diamond, but it is not a formula that works unfailingly in all cases. Yellow gold is the best metal match there is for some diamonds like, yellow diamond, blue diamonds, green diamonds and even gray diamonds, but when it comes to other colors, yellow takes a back seat.

Alloy Gold with Diamonds
In place of yellow gold, jewelers like to use colored alloy gold because of their color compatibility. For instance, rose gold and pink diamonds are made for each other, if a rosy tincture is what you’re trying to achieve. As for white gold, its chemistry with diamonds is the same as platinum’s equation with that of this gem. Black, rose and white gold receive different response when matched with diamonds.

Platinum with Diamonds
Platinum gives achromatic diamonds an icy look and feel, an effect that is highly accepted among the buyers of today. The silver of the platinum may give colorless diamonds a homogenous look, but it actually adds an extra polish that accentuates the sparkle of diamonds. Platinum goes with colored diamonds too, but only for a few selected shades.

Sterling Silver with Diamonds
Silver with diamonds is not the best combination there is, but it definitely is a price manager. It may not have the same look and feel of platinum, but its similarity with white gold and platinum seems to work for many buyers.

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