Matching Jewelry to Fit the Occasion

Jewelry has the power to improve a look infinitely. The right kind of jewelry has fascinating effects on an outfit that no makeup, nor heels can do. So, the best way to add the final flourish or simply enhance the aesthetics of your attire is to accessorize correctly. But achieving that perfect look is a slow but sure process. It takes some learning, trying and correcting along the way. To help with that, here are some tips to match your baubles to your occasion. The tips may not turn you into a pro just like that, but it will surely help you get the basics right and open up your imagination for that is the key is fine dressing.

For Brides on Their Wedding Day
Brides have the fashion standards to meet on their wedding day. So, there is very little room for flaws, and slip-ups are not excused. The failsafe way to ramp up the glitz and glam for your bridal look is to accessorize with diamonds. There is no alternative to diamonds, if it’s a white wedding. If you have a different theme, then match your jewelry stones with the dominant color of the theme. Collect a suite of tasteful jewelry and reserve them for the day, and pick only from your best when dressing to be the bride. Sparkling diamonds with pristine dresses are a match that looks instantly out of this world.

For an office look
Whether you are working late or have an early meeting, your look for work needs to be impeccable. So, scratch anything gaudy and bold off the list. Instead, pick jewelry that are light and delicate and most importantly comfortable. Pendant-style necklaces, stud earrings, understated bracelets, bands, etc. are the kind of jewelry you want to wear to work.

For Everyday Style
Go easy on the jewelry if it’s a normal day. Pick your jewelry for daily style in keeping with your everyday style. Only statement jewelry do not make a high-fashion look. You can look covetable even in the daintiest jewelry, should you pair that well with your outfits. Studs work perfectly with sweatshirts as they do with summer dresses. So, pick from versatile but understated pieces.

For the Party Girl on Weekends Soirees
Parties are creative licenses for fashion lovers. Indulge in bold if you can rock that kind of glammed-up look or go for a naturally elegant look with skinny necklaces and tasteful earrings. The choice is yours.

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