5 Ways To Make Shopping for an Engagement Ring Easier for the Guys

So, you are all pumped up to go shopping for that engagement ring that will crown the big proposal? You have picked the right post to start with. You want to learn everything you can about the process of shopping for an engagement ring and the handy tricks that make the job much easier. So, let’s begin.

5 Ways To Make Shopping an Engagement Ring Easier for the Guys

Leave a ring or two out in plain sight
Girls, if you have got a hint or two that a proposal might be underway, it’s time you leave your rings out in plain sight. Shopping together is an idea that does not come easy to most men because it is mutually exclusive to the surprise element. So, to make sure that he at least knows what size you wear, leave your rings out on a jewelry dish on the top of your dresser or anywhere he can find them easily.

Pick the Ring That You Are Proud Of
This one’s for the guys out there who by now are beleaguered by the excess of options. Find the ring that you could be proud of, not the other way around. That will make the job a lot easier, unless your tastes are very different from your to-be-fiancé’s.

Pin Your Preferences on a Pinterest Board
Use the Pinterest board to pin your style, preference and interests in engagement rings to subtly hint at him. If he follows you on Pinterest, this will make life so much easier for him. He will find all the hints and clues he needs to imagine the ring that you want and will love just at first sight. In an instance where he can’t put the clues together, he just needs to show them to a pro, which in this case is a salesperson, and they will know right away what to suggest.

5 Ways To Make Shopping an Engagement Ring Easier for the Guys

Take It Seriously
Don’t make the mistake of treating this project with levity, for it is not a thing to be played with. An engagement ring is the soul of a proposal, and when it’s about making a lifelong commitment, you need to do everything you can to show that you mean it. So, do put some effort in the research and selection.

Always Ask the Expert
Do not take opinions from an amateur because chances are they wouldn’t know any more than you do on the subject of engagement rings.

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