Looking for an elegant diamond engagement ring?

The most elegant way to propose to the love of your life is with a diamond ring. With the help of a perfect diamond, your sweetheart will no doubt say yes. If you are looking for that perfect and affordable engagement ring, there are a number of options available on the market. Many online jewelers offer a wide range of diamond jewelry at competitive prices.

Diamonds come in various cuts and shapes, contributing to a stone’s beauty and value. Some of the popular cuts include the round brilliant, a classic shape known for producing optimal brilliance. The princess cut diamond is another common form, favored by those looking for a less conventional style. Oval cut, radiant cut, and pear cuts are among the other diamond shapes available on the market.

Apart from cut, there are three other basic elements to a diamond, together forming the ‘4C’s.’ The second trait is a diamond’s clarity; the fewer imperfections a diamond has, the rarer it is. Third is color. Though most diamonds appear colorless, most contain subtle shades of yellow or brown. One out of ten thousand contains hues such as pink, blue, or bright yellow, collectively known as fancy diamonds. Last but not least is a diamond’s carat, or weight. The larger a diamond is, the greater its scarcity and value. By carefully considering the 4Cs, you will please your eyes and your pocket.

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