Latest Trends in Round Brilliant Cut Engagement Ring

Trends keep coming and going. They are never that constant phenomenon in the fashion world. Every year, we wake up to a new set of trends and witness a surge of popularity in those. Normally the adopted choices of our favorite celebrities attract and tempt us and we all tend to copy their choices as well. Since the ancient times, the trends under engagement ring have been changing drastically. They are constantly adapting to the taste of the contemporary women and to the new features in vogue. The popularity of the round brilliant cut has remained unbeatable ever since it was unveiled in the diamond market. Needless to say, the round brilliant cut diamond engagement ring is still very much the most preferred choice amongst women and with the many styles in which the stone can be mounted, the variety under them has only increased.

Let us take a look at the latest trends under Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Engagement Ring:

French Pave Accents: The diamond accent along the band has been around for quite a long time. The channel-set diamonds or the straight pave diamond accents were some common trends that were followed. Today’s couples have shifted towards the French pave diamonds, the look of which hides the precious metal and creates an effect of absolute shimmer and beauty. This style of pave diamonds on the band along with a round brilliant cut diamond as the center stone gives a vintage look to the ring.

Nature-Inspired Engravements: A round brilliant cut diamond as the center stone when flanked by nature inspired designs like leaves, buds, vines on the band renders a beautiful look. These types of nature-inspired designs are still very much in vogue and will continue to rule the scene for quite some time.

Intertwining Silhouettes: A band with intertwining strands of metal and pave diamonds accompanied by a round brilliant cut diamond as the center stone makes for a very romantic choice. It not only gives a very appealing look to the ring, but also symbolizes the infinite love and intertwining destiny of the couples.

The Rose Gold Effect: As part of a change in metal choice and a shift from the platinum, the rose gold metal embracing the center round brilliant cut stone makes for a stunning contemporary style. It unleashes a warm and romantic feel owing to the subtle color and delivers a very unique look to the ring as a whole.

Hidden Details: Couples are now doing away with flashy details and adopting a more delicate way to reveal some beautiful details that completely sets the ring apart from others. The details may not be visible to others, but to the wearer it is a source of immense delight. These surprise details usually encircle the underside of the round brilliant cut diamond. When you move your finger in a particular direction the side view will reveal a breathtaking detail.

Apart from the above, the halo setting, the simple solitaire setting, the bezel setting and the mixed metal setting are also other endearing trends that are still enjoying much popularity in the fashion market. It is up to you to decide which trends will best bring out your personality and make a unique style statement.

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